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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Compromise - David

David has been greatly blessed by God, and now he is ruling over all Israel.  In 2 Sam. 11 we read that in the spring of the year the kings go out to battle.  While Joab and all Israel went out to battle, David remained at Jerusalem.  It seems that David was not where he should have been, out with the battle.  Usually people get into trouble when they are somewhere they shouldn't be!  Obedience begins when we go where God wants us to go!  David observed a beautiful woman when he walked on the roof of the king's house.  Here David made his choice to compromise.  He inquired about who she was, and eventually had her brought over to the king's house.  He took advantage of her there, and soon the news came back to him that she was with child.  David compromised morally, taking a woman that was another man's wife.  He knew she was Bathsheba, Uriah's wife.  Uriah was one of David's mighty men, loyal to David unto death.  David decided to cover up the sin with Bathsheba, so he asked that Uriah would be sent home.  David talked with Uriah, and sent him to his house to be with his wife.  However, Uriah never went to his house, because he was loyal to his men.  David even got Uriah drunk in hopes that he would go to his own house.  But Uriah stayed loyal to his men.  So in a final act of betrayal and murder, David sent a letter with Uriah telling Joab to put Uriah in the hottest place of the battle.  Now David has covered up his adultery by lying and murder!   But what is done in private is known by God.  Nathan's revelation, "You are the man" brought David to a place of repentance.  David cried out to God in Ps. 51, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."  There is life after compromise!  Though there was much pain and heartache, God did forgive David, and restored him.  Life would never be quite the same for David, but he did experience God's forgiveness and presence once again.  The good news is that God will heal us from our compromise when we cry out to Him.

Do I need forgiveness for anything in my life?

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