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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ruth, A Story of Redemption

The Book of Ruth is a fascinating look into the time of the Judges. The story unfolds as Elimelech and Naomi travel from Bethlehem, across the Jordan River into Moab because of a famine. Their two sons were named Mahlon and Chilion, and in time they took wives for themselves from Moab, named Ruth and Orpah. As time passes, Elimelech died, as did both of the sons. So Naomi is left with her two daughter-in-laws, and decides that she will go back home to Bethlehem. She tells the two daughter-in-laws to go back to their homes in Moab. Orpah kisses Naomi, and goes back home. But Ruth refuses to leave Naomi, and said these famous words, "Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; For wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die; And there will I be buried. The Lord do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts you and me." These were the vows that my wife Judy made to me at our wedding. They are words of loyalty, and determination, that would cause Ruth to stay with Naomi no matter what happened. So they made their way back to Judah, into the town of Bethlehem, where Ruth began to glean grain from the field of Boaz. Soon Boaz inquired who this woman was, and began to show her favor and kindness. In time, with Naomi's instruction, Ruth came and submitted herself to Boaz by laying down at the end of his bed during the night. When Boaz awoke, Ruth said to him, "I am Ruth, your maidservant. Take your maidservant under your wing, for you are a close relative." This is a beautiful picture of salvation, as Ruth who is a type of the church, submits herself to Boaz, the one who has the ability to redeem her. Boaz is the kinsman-redeemer, a type a Christ who is both Son of Man and Son of God. Boaz is both a human relative, and a powerful redeemer. Christ is both fully human and fully divine. He is related to us and knows all our weaknesses, and is able to redeem us from our lost condition. Christ is our Kinsman-Redeemer. Ruth becomes the wife of Boaz, as Boaz buys back the land of Elimelech. They have a son called Obed, who is the father of Jesse, who is the father of King David. This beautiful story is a picture of Christ and the church, and the salvation, security, provision and favor that we find when we come to Christ, and ask Him to take us under His wing, as our Kinsman-Redeemer. We are like Ruth, unable to change our situation, unable to redeem ourselves, but we find mercy and favor when we submit ourselves at the feet of our Kinsmen-Redeemer.

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