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Monday, January 25, 2010


Our thoughts are what we base our decisions on, and decisions form habits. Something we do regularily becomes a habit. The funny thing about habits, is how the bad ones are so much easier to form than the good ones. I have heard it said, that it takes 21 days to form a good habit, and 3 days to form a bad habit. So making something that is good a part of your everyday life requires a strong desire for that thing, and the discipline to put it into action everyday for at least 21 days. The great thing about a good habit is the cumulative effect. As I have been going to the gym, I find it hard to go every time. It would be so much easier to not go, and when I started, I wondered if my level of fitness would ever improve. But through time, little by little, I am seeing improvement. It is the cumulative effect that makes the difference. It cannot be done all at once or in a hurry. It takes a regular amount of time constantly. Saving money is the same principle. Saving a little regularily adds up over length of time. It is the same spiritually; being faithful in prayer, Bible reading, and spiritual exercise brings maturity, and strength, and knowledge of the ways of God. "Well done, good and faithful servant..." It is faithfulness over the long haul that brings the accumulated blessings of God.

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